Welcome to Control Energy Costs

We are energy and water consultants proving, tailor made utility management, procurement and support services to businesses that have become disillusioned with using an energy broker.

We are different and, if you are curious about hidden costs of using an external advisor, our services will be of interest to you.

If we haven’t reviewed your supply arrangements, you could be paying too much.

What We Do

We will provide your business with a full utility management, procurement and site works services covering electricity, gas, water and associated costs. Working in partnership with you, we will provide an all-encompassing service, dealing with any issue that may arise – old or new.

We will provide timely advice and recommendations supported by quality information, meet deadlines, and react quickly to changing situations. We will manage all administration, but always involve you where decisions are needed or alert you to a risk of an issue developing to ensure that you retain overall control.

Where do we start

We will review and conduct profile analysis of energy and water supply invoices for each of your sites. Based on this information, we instigate a detailed audit of costs to identify any errors and consumption anomalies that may require further examination. This will include a thorough assessment of all existing charging structures, supply contracts and metering contracts.

How Will We Explain Our Findings

Our service is wide ranging and professional. Based on all the information that we have gathered, you will receive a report that summarises all existing arrangements, our recommendations for any savings and refunds that we may be able to secure for you. This report will be presented in person by the analyst managing your account with us, and they will remain your single point of contact throughout the working relationship.

How Will Things Progress

At the time of presenting your report, we will explain our recommendations in detail and outline any areas that require investigation. All recommendations are subject to your approval and we will not take any action without your consent. You will always have full control over how things progress.

Why Us?

Healthy Cooperative Working Relationships With Suppliers

We maintain an active presence in the energy and water supply markets. We work to cultivate relationships with all suppliers, and make it our business to know which providers are competitive at any given point in time.

Market Information Shared With Our Clients

As part of a cooperative working relationship, we will aim to ensure you are kept up to date with movements in wholesale UK electricity and gas prices and market news. We can produce bespoke market tracking reports unique to your arrangements, and will always happy to share our views and thoughts on how the markets are progressing.

Keeping You Up To Date With Changes

Our knowledge of the industry is continually updated. We ensure you are fully appraised of any action that may need to be taken to take advantage of more beneficial supplier or network operator charging structures, and keep you updated with any obligations or changes in legislation that may affect your business.

Honest, Impartial Advice

Put simply, working with Control Energy Costs provides access to advice you will trust and respect.

Our Team

  • Phil Ager
    Phil Ager
    Managing Director
  • Chris Ellis
    Chris Ellis
    Production Director
  • Dan Oman
    Dan Oman
    Operations Director

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